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              Welcome to JiangSu Acemien Machinery Co.,Ltd Web!


            1. Plastic Roof Tile Machine
            2. PVC Artificial Marble sheet&profile...
            3. PP MELT-BLOWN FABRIC...
            4. Plastic extrusion line
            5. Post-consumer washing...
            6. Auxiliary machine
            7. CONTACT

              Add:No.2,Changhong Road,Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park,Zhangjiagang     City,JiangSu Province,China 


              Tel: 0086-512-58999380   



              ABOUT US

              JiangSu Acemien Machinery Co.,Ltd, manufacture different kinds of plastic extrusion machinery 

              We concentrate on :

              1) PVC Roof Tile Machine , Plastic Roof Tile Machine , PVC Corrugated Tile Production Line 

              2) PP Melt-blown Fabric Production Line

              2) Artificial marble sheet and profile extrusion equipment

              3) post-consumer plastic recycling and granulation equipment

              4) conventional extrusion equipment such as pipe/profile/sheet

              5) Auxiliary equipment such as mixer/crusher/pulverizer

              “Focus on quality, sincerity service, sincere cooperation, and mutual development” is the ultimate goal of Acemien machinery. The eternal principle is to provide the quality, safe and reliable technology and products for our customers. We will go beyond ourselves continuously and create value for customers, and offer warm-hearted service to you with superior quality products.

              Choose Acemien machinery is to choose the success, looking forward to the cooperation with you.

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